Monday, December 14, 2009

Pecan Pie

As I have previously mentioned we have pecan trees. We have been collecting like mad and when my Dad arrived from Ontario he got down to the business of shelling pecans. We have this neat tool for cracking pecans which keeps them mostly intact. It does take some skill and effort but the incentive is there. The ladies who sold us the house left the pecan sheller as a gift. Nice EH?

Pecan sheller & the cutting board hubby just made is in the background.

HOME MADE PECAN PIE. We used the recipe from the Joy of Cooking which is my favorite and always go-to cook book. Neither Dad or I had made a pecan pie before so it was an entirely new undertaking.

We roasted the pecans before chopping them to add to the sugar and sugar.

The sugar set up and my Dad added whole pecans to the top to decorate.
This is my cutie Dad adding pecans to the pie before we baked it.
We had enough filling to make a pie and 8 tarts and then some.

With the left over crusts dad made an old family recipe. It's a French Canadian treat called Pete Des Soeurs. Translated: Nuns Farts. Cinnamon & sugar rolled into the crust. These were for Finley since she can't have nuts yet.

DELICIOUS! We are making more pies today to send home to Canada and to freeze for Christmas!

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