Monday, December 7, 2009

Who's Got A Beard All Snowy White?

On Saturday morning we did what all good first time parents do. We went on an adventure to find Santa! Yaaay! The fun thing about Christmas is that you get to be a kid again and all the MAGIC of Christmas returns, but, only if you BELIEVE!

We spotted Santa just after 10 AM at the Washington Holiday Parade.

It was raining right up until the parade began and then for the duration of the 17 minutes it took the floats to do our Main Street the rain held off. How's that for MAGIC!? Santa sported a rain coat which might not be a bad idea for all the Mall Santas too. I do recall the odor of Mall Santa as being something crossed between burbon, B.O and pee. I am shuddering. Perhaps it's time to stop thinking about the Mall Santa's of my childhood NOW. Although I did love to visit the Scotia Bank Santa. Maybe because he smelled of money. Wink.

Steve introducing Fin to Santa

Steve personally knows Santa as they work together in the Emergency Department. You see Santa is a respiratory therapist in the off months. Santa was in Greenville NC at The Brody School of Medicine in the Lobby on Saturday afternoon and so we went to visit him. With a suggested cash donation to Beau's Buddies Cancer Fund you could bring your camera and take all the pictures you wanted with Ol' St. Nick. He will be there again Saturday December 12th - noon until 4:30 PM in case ya'll want to go see him too!

What a beautiful Santa. He was warm and funny, friendly and he smelled GOOOD! Finley got a good 30 minutes with Santa,which was great, because she was able to acclimatize. She does make strange with new people you know.

Required Photo - Making Strange with Santa

Santa WON Finley over in no time.

Daddy & Santa listening to Fin spew off her Christmas Gift list. Honestly, she went on for a long while and I think she even mentioned World Peace. What a good girl.

Steve took his turn with Santa, but, Santa said; "Oh Steve I've known you a long time. I know what you want. A 44ft sailboat."
And we laughed.
Ahahah - Ho Ho Ho.

I wonder if Santa will deliver? How AWESOME would that be? Then Santa can drop through the hatch to visit us next Christmas instead of our Chimney!
I'm pretty sure Finley was about to ask for a brother or sister here and that's when Mother Ship pulled the plug on the whole, make a list and make your gift wishes known thing, and we said Buh- bye to Santa to head to the grocery store.

The End.


Lagunatic said...

Very cute!
Zandi still thinks it's completely kosher to grab the nearest Santa's beard and pull it with all her might while howling like 50,000 men at a dry super-bowl...but then again she's born of a women who thinks nothing of using the word "kosher" while describing a Christmas related issue.
Poor thing never had a chance (and by "thing" I mean Santa).

I'm glad you guys had a great time!

Smelly Kelly said...

I wish I could have been there! You must be so excited with her! So cute...I want her for Christmas!