Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Top 10 New Years Resolutions

  1. Do not get pregnant again.
  2. Do not even consider having sex again.
  3. Get on Atkins diet and get body ready for post baby Costa Rica bikini beach adventure.
  4. Stop eating meat.
  5. Step out of the comfort zone in my yoga practice.
  6. Get back into walking every morning. December's cold made me lazy, well that and the no sleep because of the teething, baby's cold, teething, strange houses, new faces, teething. Did I mention no sleep because of the TEETHING?
  7. Stop swearing - even under my breath.
  8. Enroll in school before the baby brain completely engulfs me. Masters in Journalism here I come.
  9. Get back to writing my book and shopping the pitch to publishers.
  10. Do not accept second glass of wine from hubs who might be plying me into letting my guard down so that point 2 will occur which could end in point one.

Then again who ever keeps their New Years Resolutions?


Twwly said...

Yup, numbers 3 through 9 would be rendered void if number 1 happens.

(Especially the swearing bit, in my experience.)

Good luck!


Duck Yoga Retreats said...

You're soooo funny! Good luck, I know you can do it. I'm inspired to write mine! See you 1/23. love and miss you,H

Bethmama said...

I can attest that having two children will definitely put you on a diet (all I eat is what they don't finish), curtail sexual relations, and postpone that master's degree. If, however, you guys want another child, don't wait as long as we did...I've found that three years was just a little too much time. I'll be washing diapers for something like 6-7 years (4 down, 3 or more to go)!!!

All the same, Happy New Year to you and the family.