Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finley Mae - 8 Months Old

Finley Mae is 8 Months Old!

She's waving at her Grampy here.

Fin is a busy child! She does not stop moving for one second. It was impossible to get a clear shot of her in the usual spot on the bed as she was rolling around. I was afraid she was going to take a header! After 50 pics these are the best two photos to come out! This does not look good for taking the Xmas card photo!

She has developed so much in the last 10 days it's insane. She crawls with a speed that could break records, she pulls up on everything which means I must tighten the drawstring on my pj bottoms or we WILL give a show. She is after the dog whom she calls "Ughn." The dog is proving a great distraction as I just have to ask Finley where Cecil is and then she will call him and chase him around the house. She has discovered the stairs and has become the ultimate mooch for the food. We accidentally gave her egg whites and fished a pecan shell out of her mouth. Guess what she's NOT allergic to?

She has two bottom teeth and is working on a few more - I know this because of her whiny clingy days. At least she is sleeping better. YAY FOR ME!

Finley is all about waving, clapping and giving the ol' high five. She has also developed a vocabulary based around yelling. It used to be just crying now she cries and yells dadadada or mamama and she has even pronounced her faith by saying Allaaaaaah. Maybe she is Jewish?

Love her BIG cloth diaper bum.

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Lauren said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe how big she is!