Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hoidays At Tryon Palace New Bern NC

While my dad was visiting this week we went to check out Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC. I have been wanting to get there for some time as I love historical sites, especially homes! When I went online to see what the hours were I was pleased to find there was a special holiday candlelight evening celebrating King George III.

We braved the, unusual for NC, cold and a screaming, teething, Finley to drive the 45 minutes to New Bern. All she wants for Christmas is her TWO FRONT Teeth, yeah joy, I found out about the bliss that is MOTRIN after this car ride. But, I'm so happy we made the trip!

We arrived on time to tour the adjacent Tryon Palace Houses and buildings. Guides dressed in period - 1700's - told us about the houses and inhabitants.
The Palace was open late for evening tours. Once inside Tryon we were treated to a ball, and other wonderful performances throughout the house by actors and musicians . The property was lit with candles and little fires in raised free standing fire sconces the air smelled of camp fires. The grounds were complete with entertainers, string quartets, and a sword swallower (no pics because I was staring slack jawed - who learns to do that?) Here is a link - Tryon Palace Holiday It's on again this Saturday and SO worth going to!

I'm a sucker for natural Christmas decor.

This is Dad walking one of the pathways in downtown New Bern.
It was cold - but- not Ottawa cold! He's sporting the diaper bag by Betsey Johnson. Tres chic- non?
We waited at the gates and at 5 PM the Fife and Drum band marched us inside onto the Palace grounds! They played and we followed just like the Pied Piper. At the entrance to the house we were welcomed by the Governor and his wife as though we were there as guests of the ball!

Dad & I waiting for our turn to enter the house for the tour. Finley missed this pic her head is just below frame. The line moved quickly and we were soon inside on a fabulous tour.
The grounds and house were lit ONLY in candle light. It was beautiful.

We toured through the kitchen then out into the kitchen garden where we were served hot cider and ginger cookies. Dad made friends with some of the household staff and guests.

The Jonkonnu Band is an African American Holiday tradition unique to North Carolina.
A film crew was filming - so was I - I hope their footage is better than mine! You get the idea & you get to hear the wonderful sounds.


Duck Yoga Retreats said...

Looks Lovely, and I love the natural Christmas! So glad you had fun with your dad and what a wonderful tradition for the family. Love and miss you!

lagunatic said...

I've actually been there! For a bridal mag a gazillion years ago (give or take a few days). It is beautiful. Did you check out any of New Bern - home of Pepsi (or something like that)?

I know this is awful, but that was the first time I'd ever been to NC and the only other thing I remember about that trip was going to a fish camp nearby and thinking that the pre-requisite for the servers was that they had to eat all the left-overs. I'd never seen such, uh, large people in my life.

Anyway - it looks like you guys had a gorgeous day!!

Merry, merry!