Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work Shmerk and Family

It's 2011, and this officially marks the third year I've not had a juicy TV contract to launch into to rid myself of the January blues. This is absolutely of course due to choice. I want to be at home with my kiddo until she is school age. It's an important foundation I want to lay with her early development. Fortunately we are in a postiion where this is an option for us. However, this does not mean not working at all. I'd like to get into some short term contracts and development deals. My brain needs to be engaged and I need to work. I like to work!

In addition to teaching two yoga classes a week, I've been trying to hammer away at two TV proposals to pitch when I get to a very important meeting next week, write emails to former employers requesting meetings to discuss possible contracts for 2011 and handle a toddler. Oh yeah, and my house is for sale, so, I've got to keep it looking like a show room and I lost all of last week when Fin had a gastroenteritis and spent the week puking. There simply are not enough hours in the day some days. I digress.

I LOVE my career. I also LOVE to be with my daughter. I'm not the only parent on earth who is trying to figure out the balance of a harmonious career and home life. If only there was a secret to it all and I could just tap into it.

So is there a secret? What are you mom's doing that makes your life easier while juggling family and career? If you work at home, how do you carve out the hours needed to get your gig done and not comprimise on childcare, career, health or sanity?

I'll take all tips and advice!

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