Saturday, February 26, 2011


As a new parent I marvel in all the milestones my daughter reaches, cheering her on with encouraging words, clapping and jumping up and down in enthusiastic praise. At 22 months old, she is talking a mile a minute, singing little songs, dancing, making it to the potty most of the time and playing really well alone and with her peers.

The one developmental milestone I was not expecting to encounter until she was a few years older was lying. Today, at breakfast, I left the kitchen to throw in a load of laundry and came back to find the cupboard open and the basket of mason jar rings and a few canning accessories were spread out all over the floor. This is totally normal as I have never restricted the cupboards from her play. If the items are not breakable and keep her entertained and I can wash them up before I need to use them for cooking then she has free reign.

Mama, seeee!

Oh, Wow. Did you make this mess?

No, Cecil make mess.

Me (Laughing):
Really, Cecil. How impressive.

For those of you who do not know Cecil. He's our three pound, 12 year old Yorkie. Obviously this little lie is funny and I'm sure was not perpetrated so that she would get out of trouble as she wasn't in any trouble. She has never caught heck for playing with the canning rings...I'm pretty sure it was me who introduced them to her in the first place. So why the immediate response to shift blame?

Have any funny little lies you children told you? How old were they when they began to tell tales?


Erica@PLRH said...

I'm not sure if that could really be attributed to lying. It didn't seem like your daughter was trying to deceive you. That scenario seems more like imaginative play.

Have fun and enjoy this stage of life!

Cameron said...

Ro lies all the time, mostly about whether he has pooped or not, or whether or not he took a nap. These aren't very creative lies, and I'm actually looking forward to see what he tries to deceive me about just for the sake of deception.