Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentimes Day!

Or as my romantical husband calls today: "That made up holiday. It's not even a holiday it's so stooopid. " I know ladies hold your skirts down. Statements like that can make any woman swoon. I have been giving him the exact same Valentine every year since 2006. I tuck it away a few days after Valentine's Day and bring it out, add the date and a new message and give it to him the following year. He didn't notice I was doing this until 2009. SERIOUSLY!

The Card I Give Steve EVERY Year.

I happen to have always enjoyed Valentines Day. The old school, send a card, kind of Valentine's day.. I especially like to make cards and have saved a couple over the years.

This card I made in Grade four. I was 10 years old.

Today while my Finley was napping I sat down with my nephew Gavin to make Valentines Cards. He got really into it and made one for all his grandparents and even one for himself!

A Valentine for Poppa Ferguson.

This is a very special Valentine. I made it for my childhood friend Kelly's grandfather. We called him Poppa. He passed away several years ago, however, this Valentine was just returned to me before Christmas 2010 as Poppa's wife had kept it tucked amongst her things all these years. Poppa and I had a special crush on one another. He was charming and I liked to make him laugh. This year it's a very special Valentine as Nanny passed away in October. She is once again spending her Valentine's Day with the man she loves. And I have a paper heart reminder of them and their devotion to one another.

See - that's the part I LOVE about Valentine's Day.

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Kelly Hill said...

Love love love it! I remember when Nanny gave it to me to give to you. She was almost jealous in a cute way, even though he's been gone 7 years. I know it was probably one of the 1st things she gave him shit for when she met him again last fall. Keeping his love notes from you! Thanks for keeping him close to your heart. xo