Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My kid likes soup. No, let me rephrase that. My kid LOVES soup. Every - day I ask her what she would like for lunch or dinner and she will excitedly say SOUP! Finley and I were invited to lunch just before Christmas at my friend Kadra's house. Kadra had made a delicious butternut squash soup from scratch. Fin was mad for it. She drank up three little recyclable paper Dixie Cups full and then ate some from my bowl of too. Kadra was tickled. I have been using the little paper Dixie cups to serve Finley soup as she could manage a cup but was having a little trouble with soup on a spoon. She has since developed the skill especially with thicker soups, but, the little cups worked so well early on. I carried them in my diaper bag along with Fin's reusable cutlery, plate and bowl.

For Christmas Kadra made Finley her very own batch of butternut squash soup. How's that for spoiled and a most welcomed gift! I froze some servings for Fin to enjoy at a later date and Finley devoured the rest.

I asked Fin to share with me ... yeah right.

Since Finley, at 22 months, at time when kids become really picky eaters, is really into eating soup, I decided to try my hand at making some home made soups too. I have really gotten into it trying my hand at all different kinds of soups. Of course they are all vegetable based, as I'm a vegetarian. A hearty soup makes for a fully satisfying meal.

I made a really delicious roasted winter vegetable soup. The recipe came from a vegetarian recipe book I've had for years and more recently I made a green lentil soup. This recipe I found on-line or I consult my favorite recipe books; Joy Of Cooking, Jamie Oliver and So yummy!

Some of the raw ingredients for the Lentil Soup.

Less than an hour later the final product.

Finley getting into her Lentil Soup for dinner.

Do you have any awsome soup resipes you'd like to share?

Post them in my comments. I would LOVE to try them out!


Passions and Musings said...

Fin would love this book then...I bought from my son and it's one of his favourites: 'Alvie Eats Soup'

Earth To Mother Ship said...

Thanks CB! I'll have a look for it.

Carla said...

I have a favorite BN Squash one - a little spicy, but you can do away with the hot pepper flakes!! It's SUPER yummy. Here's the link:

Also, have you tried the Bob's Red Mill soups?? They're wicked - the bean one & the vegi one!!! i always add carrots onions & celery. xo

Earth To Mother Ship said...

Mmmm Carla that soup looks yummy! Thanks I'll try it.