Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmageddon NC

Last year, when it snowed here in Eastern NC during the 3rd week of January, the locals all told me it was the first time it had snowed in five years. Our small town shut down completely. Like Completely. Not even McDonald's was open. We had 2 inches of snow. My friend Sharon was here visiting us from Toronto. Two inches eh? Well, we would be expected to be at work and on time too if we got two inches...heck same goes for 15 inches. We ventured out to see what the state of affairs was in our town and found that Wal-mart was in fact open with about three employees for the whole store, a few families were sledding down the highway overpasses on anything inflatable, wearing their toboggans on their heads (a toboggan is a toque in NC - I don't understand either) a few snowmen were erected by enthusiastic children. Within a day the snow was gone and order restored to our town. It was a novelty for the parents and a thrill for the kids especially those under the age of five...they had never seen snow!

I was not yet far enough removed from living in a snowy climate to find the snow charming. My blood is thin and I have never ever, ever in the history of my life enjoyed the winter. Hence moving to a state where we still have four seasons ... but NO SNOW.

This year it has snowed twice! Yup, this is the second snowfall this month. The southerners are great at storytelling. I'm beginning to believe the locals stories about having had no so snow in 5 years to be a wonderful southern tall tale...

This is the view from my back door this morning at 8 am.
Fin sporting her Canada pj's in honour of the Olympics
(She's American shhhh).

This is the view from the front door this morning 8am.

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