Thursday, February 18, 2010

Circle Small, Gums and All!

Brush your teeth.
Round and round.
Circle small
Gums and all!

Finley has four teeth and she is already totally into brushing them.

Yes, I used disposable dipes while on vacation this time. I explored and exhausted several other options before finding the BumGenius FLIP system. These diapers can accommodate either a cloth or a disposable insert!!! Of course I didn't have time to order them to the house before we left on vacation and since we did not have a washer in the house we rented in Costa Rica...I went disposable. I felt guilty - then Steve reminded me we have used less than 60 disposable diapers in 10 months. Our footprint in landfill is quite minimal. I'm totally gonna buy a flip system. Super handy for travelling!

**** I should mention I also traveled with Fin's POTTY and she continued to use it while on holiday.


LazyCrazyMama said...

How adorable!! My almost 8mo old is LOVING the toothbrush! I can't take him into the bathroom w/out him getting all excited thinking I'm going to brush his teeth.

Twwly said...

Don't buy too many! If yer still ECin' and signing, my bet is you only have a couple more months with dipes!

I found a big "break through" with potty was 11-12 months of age, use of dipes pretty much disappeared then!