Friday, September 18, 2009

Momma in the Third Person

It's an interesting journey this motherhood one. I am 5 months in and I still find myself referring to "the momma" like she is also here but she's not me. Yeah, I speak of her in the third person. See, I just wrote it now too! Is this weird? Does anyone else do this?

I know I am Fin's momma and she knows I am the boobies. I don't know if she can separate me from a food source yet. She must be starting to know me as momma because I, and only I, can sooth her with my voice. I can get her to giggle and screech but so can the dog. So when do the "me" and the "momma" become one in my mind? Dudes I laboured for 20 hours and delivered her naturally I know she is mine. I know I am her momma, so, at what point do I reconcile that we are one?

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Twwly said...

Dunno dude, I am still often like...

...ME?! Oh right. Mom. ME. Right.