Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 5 Months Baby P!

This is Baby P at 4 months

This months milestones include:

Screeching, mimicking, smiling without huge prompts, teething BIG TIME, her bottom left tooth is in, sitting up on her own, FINALLY going to others to be entertained, she used to just stick like glue to mommy and daddy.

She has discovered that if she drops a toy off the highchair it lands on the floor- it doesn't just disappear. This is based on her discovery of the dog below the chair. She loves to watch the dog and lunge after him when she is on the floor. This has resulted in a face plant. Poor kid.

She waves her hands at us for attention and she will raise her arms up to us when she wants to be picked up or go from one person to another.

She has STOPPED sleeping in her swing and wakes the second I leave her or put her down if I have nursed her to down sleep. This is a big step backwards. I used to get to shower and do some yoga while she took her morning nap. Now She is taking those naps while in the ergo. Back to square one. But, this may be a result of her being more independant while awake. She might want me nearer when she sleeps. It's a phase and it too shall pass as quickly as it started. I don't want to wish it away because she's getting so big and I will wish to snuggle her closely one day and she'll be off on her own.

The other AWESOME thing she has started to do is ARCH her back when I put her in the car seat and then scream and cry until she is hysterical while I try to drive anywhere. This week's visit to see Grandma a one hour car ride away took 1:4o minutes to get there and 1:20 minutes to get home as I had to pull over and take her out of her seat to calm her down. JAYZUZ.

We are continuing to work on:

Getting Finley to drink from a bottle or sippy cup, take naps independently, in our bed or her crib, and socialize with others.

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Lolly said...

She's getting so big! Peanut is actually getting better about sleeping alone but we had to go back to swaddling. You're right about the phases! Nothing ever lasts long enough to adjust to it!