Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Vibrates

Oh glorious teething. Actually, our wee lass has been doing pretty well since this tooth has broken skin, but, she sure does like to chew and the drool....OMG! Until her, I had never seen strings of clear saliva stretch to such lengths. The strings of saliva manage to grow from her mouth to the floor and not from her 25 inch frame, these strings begin from much higher up while I hold her. So that means a good 3 or 4 foot string of drool. Maybe she was bitten by a spider and is spinning a web? Total tangent, but, imagine her as a superhero. She drools all over the bad guys coating them in strings of saliva then picks them up to chew on. Nice.

We are visiting my sister in law Jen this week. She and her hubs have three children under 3.5 years of age! Yup, all single births. She knows a thing or two about teething. Jen handed our Fin a yellow star with a blue handle. She said chew this - it vibrates. It actually resembles something you might find in mommy & daddy's secret drawer of toys for "adult nap time." Jen laughed when I mention this and assured me it's not. It's definitely a kid's toy!

Well, little girl got to chewing this star and hit it right in the exact spot to activate the vibrator. She looked at us wide eyed, a tsunami of saliva came flooding out her mouth and all the animals in our house took to higher ground. The child continued to chomp down on the star and soon her t-shirt was drowning beneath her.
What on earth is this ...?
Dude. It feels crazy good!


Smelly Kelly said...

See! She is already showing "star" qualities! OMG she made my heart grow again! XO

StaceyC4 said...

That was adorable! Thanks for stopping by my site today. You made me laugh!

April Horsman said...

LOL she is just a doll! Good luck with teething... remember it wont last for long!

I CAN Do It said...

Lol, that's so funny. I babysit a little guy who is teething, and I had forgotten just how much slobber these kids can generate! I'm sooooo glad my children have outgrown that stage.

Lolly said...

Peanut has that toy too. Loves it!