Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Fair

This week we went with my MIL and SIL and her family to a fall fair.

Steve and I poked through the barns to see all the prize winning crafts, baked goods, preserves, produce, crops and farm animals. The fall fairs are my favorite. As a kid I used to enter my rug hooking and needle points, my mother entered her birthday cakes baked from scratch then painstakingly iced into characters like Sesame Street's The Count or Raggedy Ann into the fair contest. We were so excited to win any ribbon - the best was the coveted blue one! Each province and state have their own specialty crops and livestock. My home town in eastern Ontario showed dairy cattle, wheat and sunola. This Fair in Eastern NC exhibits cotton, tobacco, soy and a wide variety of PORK products!

Beans, okra, jam, peppers.

Steve and the BIGGEST watermelon.

Aaaaaaah look Lucky! It's a mini pony!

Uncle Peve & Gavin ride the roller coaster in the front car.

The Finster and I - her FIRST time - on the Merry Go Round.

The tickets to ride were reasonable - a wrist band was $20.00 all you can ride. Most rides are 3-4 dollars each. There were no line ups which was great for our nephew Gavin. At 2.5 years was able to run from ride to ride with out having to exercise patience by standing in a line up.

We watched racing mini bulls, fed goats, looked at a variety of rabbits and hens in the 4-H barns, ate tacos, ( is it wrong to talk food in the same sentence as barnyard animals? Do they know they are part of the food chain?) corn dogs and I even tried a cob of corn roasted in it's husk, shucked and dipped in butter then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese! Delicious! I wanted to try a fried Twinkie but despite being advertised over the loudspeaker they were not available. I guess I'll have to head to the state fair to try one of those!


Erin said...

Um that corn sounds amazing. I always get fresh corn at White Sox games (weird, but delicious!)

Smelly Kelly said...

They had the twinkie and the oreo fried at the New York State Fair! I held back...I'm watching my figure :)

lucky said...

i think my melons are bigger.