Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby P's Shower

Sunday, February 1st, my Seester Sue, my Aunts Ann & Dianne and friend Smelly Locks threw a shower for Baby P. It was lots of fun and very busy and I gotta say a little overwhelming.

My aunts and my mother always got together to make little "Shower Sandwiches" for each of the showers in our family. It has become one of my favorite girl dates with my aunts. It's all about the girl gab, sharing updates, family stories and of course retaining and passing on the art of the mini shower sandwich recipe.

I don't live in the same city as my family, so, as often as I can be home to attend a shower I pop into help out with the sandwiches. We met at Auntie Ann's to make sandwiches for my cousin Tracey's wedding shower, and we met at Aunt Dianne's to make sandwiches for my cousin Yana's baby shower and of course I had to join in the fun for Baby P's shower!

"Sa-Miche" fillings:Egg, chicken curry, ham, tuna, salmon and at Seester Sue's request cherry & cream cheese! 

Cousin Tracey - is rolling out the bread to flatten it.

Auntie Dianne -should probably have her own House & Home Show.

This is Auntie Ann - spreading the filling before rolling the "Sa-Miche" up like a sleeping bag. We then cut them so we have circles of swirled up bread and filling. So Pretty!

I will ask around to see who has a photo of the finished product, plated and lovely...unfortunately with the gong show going on I failed to get a photo of the table all set!

Here's the thing with the mini shower "Sa-Miches" - I could never sit and eat two regular sandwiches but I can eat 10 mini sandwiches...why?

And the cake was the show stopper!

 If you are in Ottawa... you can order a cake from The Girl With The Most Cake

Baby P did get some fabulous gifts:

I wish I could post everything - but- I will say a lot of thought went into the gifts. Some brought items their first born loved, books, little organic outfits, a bamboo blanket that is SO SOFT, a beautiful silver necklace with a soother and momma charm, a sock monkey and a beautiful damask printed chenille and satin blankey I know Baby P will love (I now because if it were adult size Daddy P would be snuggled in it on the couch refusing to share it) and lots of receiving blankets. Baby P will not be cold!

Here are but a few of the really neat, unusual and eco favorites!

Klean Kanteen with Sippy Tops

Organic Mattress cover & Canadian made bib with a crumb catcher!

Quebec Canada hand carved maple bowl and spoon & Green to Grow bottle. The top three gifts came from Chiquita Baby in Ottawa.

A sexy nursing bra by Elle McPherson, Tough Titties Nipple Balm, Bad Ass Booty Balm and Heelarious patent high heel baby shoes....boy or girl Baby P will wear them!

Organic baby blanket and teething toy and some lavender oils- to help induce and speed up labour for when that time comes.

The BEST gift Baby P and I received all day was meeting Baby Bee.  Congratulations Nee & Jeff she is SO marvelous. Such a little wonder. I LOVE her!

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Smelly Kelly said...


I had so much fun at the shower for you and Baby P too!

The bead ceremony was so lovely and touching I am there was some kleenex ;)

I got the cake from a lady in Dunrobin who does amazing work (and I almost dropped it twice!). Here is the link to her site:

P.S. Yes, Baby Bee was the hit of the party! Love her too!