Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Picture Me

Picture me bundled in my sister's grey 3/4 length felt winter coat, a cute grey knit hat, black stick legs poking out the bottom hem, sporting (overkill for the weather) grey Columbia winter boots. 

Now picture that same grey felt coat busting it's snaps with every  move, the grey boots , size 10 shuffle through slush and salt as I navigate the parking lot with the grace of Bambi on ice.

I'm heading out for GNO (Girl's Night Out). I'm excited to see my girls it's been so long. How lucky for them I will be the designated driver, no drawing of straws tonight.  We are eight girls meeting at the new Moxie's restaurant. I arrive in the lobby looking around I see only the slightest built blond and brunette servers wearing even slighter outfits.  I feel very rotund even in my black dress hidden under my coat. 

I ask the hostess for our reservation. She informs me the table will not be ready for a few minutes, would I like to wait at the bar?  I opt for a trip to the ladies room. Upon my return she smiles at me and says, "Ma'am  your table is ready - follow me."

When I arrive to the table my girlfriends are already seated. They have giant fishbowl sized drinks in front of them it appears they have been here a while already. Hi! we all squeal girly greetings.  But I am not late?  How come you are all here with drinks served already? I am confused. 

The girls look at each other then they look at me. Together they push back their chairs and stand up from the table.  I shriek with delight, tears fill my hormonal eyes as I laugh and clap my hands together, I scream "You Guys!"  All eyes in the busy restaurant are on our table.

Each of my girls were sporting maternity tops and false bellies.  It is hysterical. "We've been where you are," Kimmy says. "We couldn't let ya do it alone!" Kelly says.

With that chaos ensued in the form of multiple waddling group trips to the ladies room,  ridiculous sized boozy drinks were perched on top of bellies for photo ops, servers stopped by our table to take in the spectacle, other diners lingered mouths agape trying to figure out just what was going on.  

Picture me.  Picture me, with the best friends a girl could ever ask for.
Now enjoy the pictures below.

The Girls!

Brandi & Kimmy


My Crazy Fun Seester Sue!

Lana Banana

Kathy (The real deal 18 weeks)

Me (The real deal 32 weeks)


twwly said...

That made me have a little weep! What wonderful friends you have.

Anonymous said...

Kimmy said...
We are all so lucky to have a wonderful friend like you Michelle:)
You are Loved by so many, for so many reasons...
~Love U xoxo~