Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are a few of the books I have read and am reading in preparation for the arrival of Baby P.

This book opens with birth stories spanning 20 years written by mother's who elected to have natural childbirth.  Such inspiring stories, and, what caught me is how supportive the women's network are during labour and delivery. Ina May talks a lot about the labouring process  shedding light on why labour will progress or halt and how to stay present during birth.  She emphasizes the "I am SO BIG" mantra. I am also going to adopt the "I AM SO BIG" mantra ... just so I don't freak out and wonder how baby will come out of what has always been an "in door." 

This is the book every feminist mother should read before delivering the baby.  Most mom's love to tell their personal birth stories, some wonderful some traumatic, some from back in the stone age...with all the conflicting stories on birth's it's best to find out just what happens and why during the delivery process .  Maybe I am armed with TOO much information but I would rather know in advance the reasons I might be rushed for a C-section, or why the baby would go into distress or why episiotomies are rarely performed anymore, etc.  This is the GO TO BOOK for all medical and natural childbirth techniques and the reasons for them. Warning: Henci Goer is a feminist writer who does not advocate for medically intervened deliveries. She does however go into detail about, cesareans, inducing labour, fetal monitoring, home births, epidurals, midwives, ob's, birth centres, and alternatives to high-tech births.  A great read!

Auntie Smelly Locks sent me this book.  It's informative and funny! Daddy P and I have shared a giggle reading this book.  The pictures and diagrams sprinkled through out this book are hilarious...especially the section for dad's.  During delivery dad's keep your sights on the task at hand. Do NOT watch the game on the big screen, leave the room for prolong periods of time, make business calls or texts, and for God's sake DO NOT EAT SMELLY FOODS!  See very wise advice.  But, it's not all fluff. This book is  co-written by a medical doctor the information is relevant and up to date.  There are practical chapters on preparing for baby including check lists and shopping lists that actually are helpful and the book is sturdy and pocket size!

This is the first book I bought when we found out we were knocked up.  I had seen it at every one's house I knew who had kids already and thought it was a good book. It is actually my least favorite book.  It's not that it's poorly laid out, it is well laid out, informative, and I do like the baby's development sections laid out by week...I just CAN'T STAND the DUMB jokes all through the book. They are actually repeated twice in one paragraph like maybe you didn't get it the first time. So very annoying especially if you want to go back and re-read a chapter, you have to endure the stupid jokes over again. Annoying enough to make me put the book down and search for another.  I know prego women can be forgetful but those stupid jokes are ingrained. No need for repeats. I find them HOAKY.  I was actually shocked when one of my four midwives suggested I buy and read this book.  The shock probably registered on my face too - thankfully I was on the bed, knees in stirrups staring up at a Georgia O'Keeffe painting on the tiled ceiling and she was looking into ...well you know.

Well here it is ... my current FAVORITE book.  Dr. Sears and his wife an R.N together have eight children two of whom are also Pediatricians have come together to pen this book. It's a very practical and very natural approach to child rearing.  This book takes us from the last trimester of pregnancy up to the baby's second birthday.  It covers everything from birth, Apgar, first pediatrician visits, breast feeding, baby wearing, sleeping for mom and baby, co-sleeping, introduction of solids, etc. It's the GRANOLA book for natural parenting and I LOVE it's philosophies.  This book was recommended by several friends and gifted to me by my friend Nee' who is a very new mom.

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Ashley said...

YAY Sears!!!!!

Their Breastfeeding Book is great too. So is the Becoming a Father book, Baby Sleep Book....

Sears rocks.

And Ina May is the bomb of course, boyo.

The "I'm gonna get so big" thing totally works, as does her loose mouth thing. Making "horse" noises like that totally helped. And kissing.

You just have to give into it, go with it, roll with it. Know that inbetween the rushes, there WILL be peace. You just have to get over the wave to get the lull. Up and down. Up and down.

The best advice a GF (another natural birther) gave me before I gave birth to Mags, which is slightly less "zen" but equally as useful as sometimes women's bodies "eject" baby and sometimes (as it was for me when Meeps heart rate started doing some funny stuff near the end) you really learn why they call it "labor" and have to work to help push that baby OUT. Anyway. I know you are thinking about enough but let me plant this one little seed, which may (or may not) come in handy: "Turn that scream into a push."

When you hit transition and are on the home stretch, shit might feel like it's getting away on you, but just have to remember to keep rolling and help you body do it's job.

I am so fucking excited for you Shipley!

I LOVED giving birth, it was so tremendously empowering, so intense. You don't get the full rush of pleasure without the pain and it is worth every second I promise you. You will feel like super woman after birthing Baby P. It is the world's highest HIGH, there is nothing like it!!