Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michelley Belly - Bump 33 Weeks 5 Days

We had one hell of a growth spurt last week!

This pic is of me today just a few minutes before I taught Yoga.

I was a little uncomfortable last week for a few days; I had gut rot, heart burn, acne, headaches, feet in my ribs, a head on some nerves in my groin, I limped, I waddled, I slept sitting up ... I wined, I cried, I worried this was going to be the norm for the next five weeks, which made me fall into despair.  So  I did what I always do when I don't feel well.  I went to bed and I slept, I slept and I slept.  

And then Monday morning I awoke sporting a full on beach ball.  My super model walk returned, the Tums were put away, I lay off the Tylenol, hung some paintings, did the laundry stripped some wall paper ...ahhhh, normalcy restored.  That night I slipped into my hubby's Large T-shirt to sleep in and had to swap it out for his only XL t-shirt. I settled into bed
for a delicious horizontal sleep interrupted by only one 4 A.M meal ... and Tuesday was another fine day.  

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lucky said...

ho. lee. crap. your belly is getting so BIG!!! are you looking forward to sleeping on it again soon?