Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speeding Ticket Update

Well, I resolved the speeding ticket.

I had planned on padding my belly, borrowing seven children under the age of seven and then waddling into the District Attorney's Office to plead my case. However, I set me day dream/fantasy of a dramatic entrance aside, as I don't know seven children under the age of seven, opting to squeeze into my cute butt jeans (for the last time until Baby P arrives), black turtle neck, black boots, a hipster scarf and down vest and stride confidently into the D.A's office.

I met the D.A - she was a pretty red head about my age. I asked to have the speed reduced so I could pay off the ticket and not waste the court's time as the court date was 3 days after my baby's due date. She said, "You're expecting? I couldn't tell." I stepped back from the counter and then turned side ways. She laughed and nodded. Then she said how is 5 over the speed limit? I wanted to shout "Hell's Yeah!" and hug her - instead I thanked her very much for her time and considerate pardon.

It certainly pays to make the time- show you are serious about your infraction and politely ask forgiveness. I am out $130.00 but I get to keep my driving record and insurance intact. And my baby does not have to go to court for the first time when it's only a few days old. And I still got a deal on the car seat. $229.99 was the original price. I bought it for $57.99 + $130.00 = $187.99 ...

Yup , I am always the eternal optimist!

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Mom of two...three if you count my husband said...

although you showing up in court with a newborn in tow...that would of made for a great TV show...;)