Sunday, January 25, 2009

Michelley Belly - Bump 29 Weeks 1 Day

I have completely changed shape this week. Everything has moved up and out! I actually feel better without the pressure on my lower abdomen. My range of mobility also better - putting socks on is noticeably less of a challenge...for now. One new and glamorous sound effect I have acquired is a huff and puff/ grunting as I get up off a chair or out of bed.

The other fun observation is the baby's size - I can now identify knees, feet and bottom. Sometimes I press in and the baby pushes back at my fingers. It's a fun game we play. Just yesterday while lying on the couch reading a book - I had the bottom of the book's page obscured by my sweatshirt and blanket while the baby shifted positions in my belly. It looked like a cat under a comforter creeping across the bed. So neat! Of course each time I want to show some huge movement like this to Steve the baby becomes still. Clearly baby does not take direction well - no show biz for Baby P.

I began in a Men's Small and now I am almost out of the Men's Medium size wife beaters (politically incorrect - label for my undershirts). They are just reaching the bottom of the belly - I am a tucker so I will graduate to men's LARGE WB's- a four season staple in my wardrobe since childhood.


This is Me at age 4 with my kid seester. We have not changed a smudge! She still thinks I am hilarious - right Sue?

For those who love the naked belly - Taaa Daaa!


lucky said...

i cannot even BELIEVE your belly in that last pic!!! it makes me smile so big when i look at it!!!

Duck Yoga Retreats said...

ahhhhhhhhh, my sweet mama!! you look beautiful mamasita!

rebecca said...

i love the coordinated wall paper and pillow cases in the pic of you as a kid!

and your belly is beautiful!