Friday, January 16, 2009

Latest Ultrasound Pic of Baby P - 27 weeks 5 days

Voila Baby P!

Baby P is head down ...has chubby cheeks a cute little nose perfect lips and hair! The ultrasound tech said Baby looks like Daddy -- I asked if Baby P had chest hair?

The 28 Week follow up ultrasound was not necessary to monitor Baby P but to find out if my placenta had moved up enough to allow for a normal delivery. Doc had some concerns with how low I was carrying. If the placenta grew over the cervix I would not be able to labour. Placenta Previa he called it. He also said in 80% of cases this corrects itself.

I was not worried I have always had a good feeling toward this pregnancy and it's delivery outcome. Many of my friends who have had babies have also had this concern brought to their attention by their OB's. My thought is that the OB's look too early in the pregnancy at the placenta height - that it does not in fact move up until later. It's another way to bill OHIP and or the Insurance companies for another ultrasound procedure...making more money for the practice. For having said thoughts ... I got to have an external and then still showing concern an internal ultrasound before the Doc decided, yes, it's still low on the left but I can labour.




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hey michelle, this happend to my friend in dc. glad you're ok with it, and time will tell. no matter what you and baby p will be fine. POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!