Sunday, April 10, 2011


I LOVE birthdays - it's truly the only day that's your own. I've been as excited for Finley's birthday as she has been. We've been singing Happy Birthday all week. When I was pregnant I planted tulips and daffodil bulbs so I could tell her when the tulips are blooming it's your birthday...but for the last two years the darn tulips are coming up with leaves and no stem or flower??? Go figure.

I can hardly believe my baby is two. She was SO excited for her birthday. I was trying to explain who's birthday comes before hers. First it's Cecil's birthday then Grandma Linda, then Grandpa, then Gavin, then Kaylee and then it's YOUR birthday! Seriously all these birthdays are in the days leading up to Fin's... Steve's two sisters and I all had April 10th as a due date for our first borns...they arrived the 8, 9, 10th a few years apart. Cool EH?

How old will you be on your Birthday?


No, TWO!
I count one, two, on my hand, flipping up my fingers showing her two.
Two. You will be TWO on your birthday.

Finley what would you like for your birthday?

Ice cream and a balloon!

Honestly, how sweet is she? I hope she always wants such simple delights on her birthday.

On birthday EVE, my sister, who had driven from Canada, to be with us on Fin's second birthday, helped me to blow up pink balloons and dress the dining room in pink and purple, Fin's absolute favorite colours. We wanted to surprise Finley, since this was the first birthday she was going to remember I wanted it to be spectacular!

When Finley awoke she came to the top of the stairs and called down to us. "Mama I wake up!" Sue, cousin Aaron and I ran to the bottom of the stairs to wish her a happy birthday. We were so excited to see her face when she saw her pink party room. She ran in and stopped dead.
"PINK BALLOONS!" she shouted.

I ordered a strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake from the DQ
and her Daddy bought her a helium balloon.

Opening amazing gifts from her great aunties, Ann and Dianne and cousin's Ray, Ivy and Hazel.
Thank You!

Finley and her BFF Jonah opening her gifts.

Finley received phone calls from her Aunts Jennie and Dee, her grandparents; Grandma Linda, Gaga, Mimi and Pipi and she had an ichat with Aunty Kelly and Uncle Mark. It was a wonderful birthday. She loved every second of it and so did I.

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