Saturday, April 9, 2011

LOOK What I Made!

My Finley Mae turns two tomorrow. I can hardly believe it's been two years since she arrived in our lives. Everyone says it goes by so quickly and now I know that statement to be true! Last week while we were visiting our friend Justine, Finley found some bean bags Justine had sewn for her son Samuel. The were so pretty and soft and she had taken the time to blanket stitch the numbers one through ten on the set. The looked like a little bag of love (if you could personify love) sitting in the palm of Fin's hand.

With Fin's birthday fast approaching I had still not thought of a good gift to give her. She's only asking for ice cream and a balloon for her birthday which by the way is the cutest thing ever to hear her say, then it came to me I HAD to make Fin a set of bean bags too. She needed a gift from my heart.

I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing but I've managed to make the Roman Blinds in my kitchen, add length to my living room curtains and make a baby I figured I could sew a tiny bag to fill up with beans.

Here is my mini tutorial:

For around six dollars I bought pre-cut quilting squares from the sewing section at Walmart. They have really lovely material right now in some awesome 100% cotton fabrics.

I matched up the fabrics placing the good side of the material in and pinned them.

Then I ran a straight stitch all the way around leaving an inch and a half opening in the middle of one side so I could pour in the beans.

Turned right side out.

Using a tea spoon I counted out 11 teaspoons of beans per bag.
I used dry pinto beans.

Then I straight stitched the hole closed.

Bean bags.

Using fabric paint I wrote on the numbers. The material is supposed to be washed before using the fabric paint and for this project I did not pre-wash the fabric so I'll let you know if the paint hold up.
I made 16 bean bags and numbered the first 10. They turned out really cute I think.
The whole project probably took me two hours and it was EASY!

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Jackie said...

They are LITERALLY bags of beans. I stinking love it.