Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Edible Art

My next door neighbour Lori is the chocolatiere behind Polly's Perfections. She is about to open her new store front in downtown Washington NC. I've been helping her out by photographing the truffles so she can create a catalogue. Of course I get to sample too...

I'm really digging photographing truffles!

This one was blown up for the shop wall.

Finner caught me in the middle of photographing the chocolates and she went insane.
Like a whirling dervish she was diving into the boxes of chocolate.

She even threw down the hatch some of the chocolates I hadn't gotten around to photographing yet. I wasn't too happy about it but got over it when I realized she couldn't even listen or control herself she went wild grabbing all the boxes and diving into the chocolate. She was really funny to watch.

More pics to come...

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