Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Forward Yoga Re"treat" - Update!

Spring Forward Re"treat" in Duck NC

Meet the lovely ladies aka broads who attended the weekend retreat.

Laura, Ebba, Kadra, ME, Brandi and Sharon

The weather was 87 degrees the day before the retreat at the the time we were heading there it was a glorious 57drees F. No one minded as the company inside was so warm and cozy. We settled into our Friday afternoon, choosing bedrooms in the beautiful beach house and joining the gang in the great room to write our retreat intentions. I like to set the weekend's intentions in writing. Why do we choose to be at a retreat? How does it fit with our daily lives and what do we hope to take away after our weekend. It's interesting to place an idea or statement on a page and revisit it over the course of the weekend as the statement takes on new meanings after each session each day - it deepens. These are personal intentions and are not shared unless there is a free willingness to do so by the individual.

We practiced a fully supported restorative yoga on the Friday night to set the tone for the weekend. Candle light, music, and only 15 postures supported by pillows and blankets and using straps to help the client really settle into a relaxation. I like to offer assists and a few elements taken from Pranasage that I learned while studying with Don and Amba Stapleton in Costa Rica. Janice Lane arrived toward the end of the practice to meet the gals. She joined in placing her super hot Reiki hands on the ladies. It was a delicious start to our weekend!

Heather participating in the Saturday morning Interdisciplinary Yoga session

Yogi's listening to a discussion prior to practice.

Getting settled for a guided meditation by Janice Lane

Of course you have to feed the body as much as the mind and we fueled it up with out hesitation!

Flounder special at The Bluepoint in Duck NC

My good friend Rachel Mills catered the vegetarian meals at the retreat. We feasted on cucumber mint salad, lentil soup, corn bread, butternut squash and apple bake over brown rice and orange and roasted red beet salad. My photos aren't doing the food justice - it was fresh and

Sunday morning we stretched our bodies gracefully in a Yin Yoga practice called sweet surrender. It was a beautiful opening practice that really was the finale to a beautiful weekend. Of course we journaled and shared open discussions about all kinds of things ....related to our lives and the lives of mating turtles ...(don't ask). It was a lovely weekend and I am looking forward to another already!

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