Friday, August 7, 2009

If You See This WOMAN

Congratulate her!

Kelly has pulled the baby industry out of recession single handed. All to benefit a certain, not quite 4 month old, who has been showered almost weekly (since conception) with all the designer accouterments a child could handle from box stores to boutiques. Finley was dressed in NEW BORN SIZE Juicy Couture (who knew it came so small?). She is already a Tiffany's girl (mommy had to wait until she was 35 and getting married for Tiffany), has a personally autographed copy of Tori Spelling's book Mommywood, Calvin Klein onsies, Heelarious Pumps and even a Gymboree dress bought on consignment (I am so proud to know I am wearing off on you a little Kel). She almost fits the organic cotton dress and will be trying out her new bathing suit on Monday. This is just to scratch the surface of the spoiling at the hands and charge card of Auntie Kelly.

Well Kel, I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful gifts you have sent Finley. We appreciate them so much! You know I am no where near the shopper and I appreciate your interest in keeping the MunchFIN well dressed.

Since I am the MOTHER SHIP and into all things good to our MOTHER EARTH. You will not be surprised, nor think I am looking the gift horse in the mouth, when I return to you a bag of the BEST hand me down clothes when you have your baby girl. I know you will love the gently used outfits because you chose them! It's not re-gifting if it's already been worn people.

Finley's Auntie Smelly Locks/Fairy Godmother/Personal Shopper
(Also, Mommy's Betch Friend since the age of 3)

Ruby, Auntie Kelly and Finley

Kelly's motto is "Forget it Just get it! Credit or debit. Betch."

I am still certain this video was made in your honour Kel!

Thank You for all you thoughtfully chosen gifts, each one screams YOUR LOVE.


Anonymous said...

When my niece was born I went CRAZY and shopped all of the time for her. Now it's neat to get that stuff back and use it for my daughter! Squeeeeeeeee!

Smelly Kelly said...

Oh Betch! You are too sweet :)

I have to say I do enjoy spoiling my little sweet pea!

Forget it - just get it is the best way to live! There is no worse feeling than missing out on a good buy or sale!

Live life with no regrets! Something I can teach Finley - FORGET IT! JUST GET IT!

Much love,
Your Betch Friend,
Auntie Smelly, Auntie Smellylocks, Fairy Godmother!!!!xoxoxo