Thursday, August 6, 2009

Emu's Make Great Dads

We learned at the Metro Toronto Zoo last week that Emu's make great dads. They sit on the nest to protect the eggs and the hatching's - they don't just knock feathers and flock off.

It made me think about the dads in my life. My own dad, Steve's dad and my hubby, now a dad. All very good daddy's. Generous, selfless and ever present in their own ways. Even when things are tough and they don't know what they should say they show their love by not leaving the nest.

When I was 20 my heart was broken, I mean smashed into tiny shards by the first guy I loved. He was six years my senior and loved the idea of falling in love but once that thrill wore off he was outta there. My dad said; "Shell I can fix your car's headlight, I fixed the screen door after a pool party you had, but, I am afraid I can't fix your heart." Since my dad is not a man of many words especially of this kind - these ones are indelible.

The dad's in my life are Emu Dads. How lucky for Finley and I.

Here are two new dads, My hubby Steve (l) and Bark (r) and their offspring.
(practising attachment parenting)

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