Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Ship has a baby on board...NOW WHAT?


Our lives have been changed for 16 weeks now.

Settling nicely into the second trimester and finally unable to hide my newly and ever expanding pot-belly we (Steve, baby and I) are adjusting to the idea of having a little person around.

I figured I would set this blog up to share with our friends, family and anyone else who wants to come along for our journey as we morph from a hedonistic career and travel oriented duo into ...dare I say it..? Parents.


lucky said...


Smelly Kelly said...

Michelle and Steve,

What a wonderful gift this blog is to share with all of us who are so far away. Thank you.

I am over whelmed with happiness for you guys everytime I think about you two becoming PARENTS. (ya, cried a little more just typing that) I know you both will be the best parents little Baby Pare could wish for...know how? Because you are going to be wonderful "PARE"ents!

Love Auntie Smelly xo

Ship Wreck Shipley said...

"Pare" nts ....Nice One Smell!