Sunday, October 26, 2008

Telling Family & Friends

We decided to tell our immediate family about Baby P after we had our "Confirmation Ultrasound at 9 weeks" and then elected to sit on the news until we were safely in the second trimester at 14 weeks to announce our news to extended family and friends.

Family Quotes:

Steve's Dad and his wife Kelly (Pepe & Meme) in Person:
"We are very happy and of course we will keep your news to ourselves. This is your news to share with Grandma (Mae) when you are ready."

Steve's Mother (Grandma Linda) in Person:
"Really! Well that's going to be an easy Due date to remember! How are you feeling? This is exciting!"
(Steve's two sister's due dates for their first babies were April 10th as well - neat hunh?)

My Dad (Grampy) By Speaker Phone:
" Really? Go On?! Well I never thought I would hear that from you two!"

My Seester By Phone:
"I am going to be an Auntie?! Really?!!!! A "real" Auntie!!!!" ( She said this over and over with increasing volume )

Steve's Seester Jennie in Person::
" Really? But I asked you earlier and you said no? Wait, you were drinking a coffee! Are you joking?"

Steve's Seester Dawn in Person:
"Yeah, I know. Jennie can't lie!"

Greg in Person:
"Really? You are gonna be a great mom. You are gonna be so fat, fatter than you have ever been."

Kathy in Person:
"No, I don't believe you. I was just asking Greg on the way here if you two were gonna have kids and he said probably not! Okay don't tell Greg let's see if he can figure it out."

Renee by Phone:
"Nooo really? How long have you known? I can't believe our babies are gonna be so close in age!  Who knows? Who can I tell? Jeff,  Shipley &  Steve are pregnant! When are you gonna tell Trish?"

Kelly by Email then Phone:
"Betch! As if you just email me that ultrasound pic and don't even call me? Am I the last person to know?"

Lucky By ichat:
"Ohmigawd I am so happy. I am turning into my Aunt who cried at everything. You have to share every bit of this with me."

Ann By Phone:
"Oh yeah, were you pregnant when you were home? Are you feeling okay?"

Aunt Dianne By Phone:
"That's wonderful! Do you have any names picked out yet?"

And we would really like to have the first hand quotes from the following people to add here BUT we were not given the opportunity to share our news because SOMEONE did it for us. So the rest of the "ANNOUNCEMENT" ran the gossip lines over the's actually quite funny to us, that all these people called each other for confirmation, and, not once did our telephone ring!

David called Grandma Mae to tell her that " fill in the blank" called him and told him Steve and Michelle are expecting a baby. Grandma Mae called Jennie to ask if this is true. Jennie can't lie (see Dawn's quote above) especially to Grandma. Jennie called me & Steve to tell us the telephone gossip - and there you have it. We can expect that the rest of the family knows now too.

The only reason we wanted to wait until we were firmly in the second trimester to announce was because we didn't want to run the risk of upsetting a whole pile of people should this pregnancy fail. Reasonable? We thought so.


lucky said...

haha it's my aunt... and i'm NOT turning into her, OKAY?!?!

Ship Wreck Shipley said...

You know - I wrote Aunt then changed it to grandma...I'll change it back!

Smelly Kelly said...

Ummm... I still have not told anyone myself! Not even Bark! Still waiting... Whenever you decide to tell the rest of them! xoxo (I am a super secret Ship keeper!)

lucky said...

pregnancy memory... it's good and bad all at once! (a quote from my former boss when she was preggers