Sunday, October 26, 2008

And Then There Were Three

August 4, 2008

A normal morning - Steve was on the couch watching a movie and I was in the office setting up a dentist appointment and my first mammogram - just to determine a baseline for future tests my OB recommended. Apparently they do this yearly with all women beginning at age 35 who have an immediate family history of breast cancer. What a legacy - thanks mom! Incidentally this date was also my mother's birthday (she died December 12, 2000) how fitting today to be making an appointment to have my boobs squished I thought.

I headed upstairs to have a shower and for some reason decided I would try a pregnancy test. Clear Blue Digital. It did not have enough letters to say NOT PREGNANT as it has shown me a few times before the the previous months. It read PREGNANT. Immediately. There were no need for taking multiple tests. I went back down stairs and handed Steve the stick and said. "Uh-Oh I drank a bottle of wine last night." Then headed back upstairs to shower. Steve came upstairs a short while later and said "Hun this is great! And by the way don't worry about the wine I looked it up and it's fine - but- no more."

After Steve the first person I said "I am pregnant" out loud to was the woman who had just an hour before booked my mammogram appointment to tell her I was pregnant and ask if it was safe to have the mammogram. "Congratulations" she enthused - I'll cancel your appointment - please let your OB know why we are returning your referral. Sweet - I am out of the mammogram...but now I am gonna give birth......

In the next few days I set about finishing the paint (it's nontoxic) on the interior walls of my house. I still had the powder room, yoga studio, and back entrance to finish up. I was grateful for the distraction. I am positive many women have funny stories to tell about all the things they did while pregnant before they knew they were pregnant. Mine will include sailing our first regatta (with unexplicably swollen hands and feet -a sign of pregnancy I have since discovered), deep sea fishing, almost playing paint ball in 100 degree weather, stripping wall paper and painting seven rooms in our home all in a matter of 15 days. Look out Baby P - you have one set of overachieving parents.

August 25, 2008

Steve ad I went to the OB to have a confirmation of pregnancy test. They do this at 8 weeks - I was actually 8 weeks and 6 days on this date. Considering I have never missed my lady days, was eating 17 times a day, I had outgrown my bra, had super sensory sense of smell, had wicked headaches and occasional nausea I still wanted scientific proof of a baby.

Steve joined me for the ultrasound which was internal - yeah- not expecting that. Of course Steve was not phased at all. We both looked up at the TV monitor...then we saw it. Steve squeezed my hand. I said, "There's the little trouble maker!" We all laughed. It's heart beat was 170 beats per minute. Which is supposedly perfect and healthy.

It's all for real now. This our little is Baby P. Due April 10, 2009

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