Sunday, October 26, 2008

BBP=Before Baby P

I was recently gifted with a "Maternity Journal." Since I journal everything and have for my lifetime in various ways, I really can't think of a better gift. The coolest thing is that when the journal is done I get to pass it along to Baby P - when Baby is grown. Thanks Kel!

This is an excerpt from the 1st Journal Entry back dated BBP = Before Baby P.

August 2 & 3, 2008

We had an eventful weekend. Saturday was to be a giant paintball game with Steve's coworkers followed by a BBQ at our house - but- it was 98 degrees so - thankfully it was cancelled. I was afraid of pulling on coveralls, gloves and a full face mask in this heat...but to be honest the recollection of welts incurred on my body from the last time I played was scaring me more than heat stroke! Steve and I went for a casual sail and anchored out to do a bit of crabbing. A whole school of porpoise swam by -which is a very cool sight anytime, but, quite a rarity on our river which is a mix of salt & fresh water. Steve took a picture of me & a crab - I told him to erase it - I looked so fat! Upon arriving home - I dipped into a bottle of Midol.

Sunday morning the alarm went off at 4:30 AM - we headed to meet a friend of Steve's to go off shore fishing in Morehead City for the day. The water was rough - we spent a good 4 hours slamming up and down - Steve's friend laughed at me because in all the thrashing around on the boat - I fell asleep sitting up- while trolling. Today we caught a handful of small Spanish Mackerel and a 2ft MAKO Shark!?

Arriving home Steve set about making Ceviche with the Mackerel and I proceed to open a bottle of wine. "Just giving you a heads up - I am a little over due for my lady days." I am pretty sure I am speaking aloud to myself more than to Steve. He smiles at me and refills my wine glass.

P.S My boobs are huge. The Midol worked everywhere but there. Hmm...

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