Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cape Lookout

Well, I have not been blogging so much lately as I've been out and about this summer with my family. I guess I'm making up for last summer, when it was too hot to go outside with my infant. With a toddler it's a whole new ball game! You know the saying "what a difference a year makes," in the child rearing world, there could be no saying more fitting.

This is the Beaufort North Carolina Waterfront.

We toured out to Cape Lookout NC on our power boat. We checked the tides and then pulled the boat up onto a pretty much deserted beach to hang out for the day. This stretch of beach has wild horses on it.

Steve is walking Fin across the sand to see the horses but the sand was too hot so they turned back. I was able to get the photo below on a long digital lense. That is The Cape Lookout light house in the back ground at centre of frame.

Okay, so I don't make a habit of posting pics of moi in a bikini - I didn't before baby and am pretty brave to do so after baby - I think! I had to post this pic. I love this photo because Fin and I are standing the same way with our hands out. She looks like Steve but she has my frame I'm always told. Now I can see it! It's pretty rad.

The BEST part of a beach day is a water logged, sun drenched, sand covered sleeping little girl in her car seat. Then Steve and I can have one of our happy, future planning, epic discussions with out interruption! The beach cures all moods. The ocean is very powerful that way.

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