Tuesday, August 31, 2010


ME do this!

ME want this.

ME, ME, MEeeeee

My daughter refers to herself as ME. Pretty normal, I guess, EXCEPT that Steve and I have never taught her the word ME. We always call her Finley or some variation of Finley. So where does the ME come from? How does she even have this sense of self? Do I consult Freud? Is this a healthy ego in a 16 month old? Whaaaaaaa???

Seriously people it's cute, but, dumbfounding ... did your kids do this?


Derek said...

My 18 month old does the same. He must have heard me used when referring to ourselves.

Janell said...

Maybe from Cookie Monster? "Me want cookie!"

Really, it's crazy how they absorb and pick up everything, even things you know you didn't consciously teach them.