Thursday, September 16, 2010


Since moving to the south - I cannot - grow a thing. I used to have an amazing garden. I used to grow all the ingredients to make tomato sauce and salsa and loved the whole canning process. I used to grow gorgeous cutting flowers and fill my house up with bouquets....but that was when I lived in Ontario. Now I raid other people's gardens!

Our friends planted a wonderful garden and then left for Europe for a month - we were invited to pick what we wanted while they were away. Dad, Fin and I had a good morning poking through the gardens picking a few veggies for our dinner.

Dad is checking out the herbs.

Dad and Finley with the eggplant and yellow squash.

A few of our pickings.

A teeny tiny tomato!

Finley was particularly good at picking the tomatoes.
She worked at it for a while. Her attention span astounds me sometimes!

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