Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nap Time

In the last month or so Finley has been able to take her afternoon naps all by herself! Seeing as she would ONLY sleep in the car or the ergo for the last year this independent nap time has been a phenomenon other mothers know and experience. Now I get to as well. I LOVE it!

Seriously. I get some much needed down time - of course I am using the time to do all the stuff I need to get done around the house, and I'm starting school again so the nap time will be a great opportunity to get some writing done. I might even get a blog or two written. Ahhh. The sound of silence in the house is deafening and delicious.

Fin is now taking only one big nap a day.

If I wear her out she falls asleep anywhere.
This photo is taken after our morning play date at the park.

Of course the dog is ALWAYS taking his nap with her.


Twwly said...

I was never one of those mamas. There are many who aren't either... Mine went from napping in the carrier to no naps. Alas. What is important here is your beauty napping with the pooch.

Congrats, Shipley!

Passions and Musings said...

Sleeping babies are the best...thankfully my 2 year old still naps 1x/day....my 4 year old son stopped taking naps at 14 months...that's right 14 months. Here's hoping he makes up for that lack of napping when he hits those teenage years...and opts for sleeping as opposed to going out all night. Riigghhht.