Monday, July 19, 2010

Music in the Streets

Music in the Streets is a really neat concept. The downtown main street of my little town of Washington NC is closed to cars and then every 30 feet or so a band is set up for about two city blocks. All kinds of music is played at once and despite how close the bands or musicians are to one another they don't compete. It's a unique concept and it is growing in popularity each month. Music in the streets runs the third Friday of each month between April and October from six to nine PM. Each month the bands change up and the drive night cars are a little different. Last week the National Guard was there hosting a rock climbing wall and the Zumba class from the gym Finley and I attend was doing "flash" dances along the street. Of course Washington is holding it's very own Idol competition and the singers take a turn in front of judges on the main stage. This summer food is being served from various venues. Mmm southern fried street meat and such!

Steve's dad, Finley's Pipi and his wife Kelly aka Mimi were here for a visit back in June for a couple of days. We took them to Music in the Streets. We had our two nephews Gavin and Noah with us too.

The Stroller Brigade

Steve and his dad having a chat while Gavin looks BORED!
We told him we were going dancing...where's the dancing Aunt Shell?

Finley and her Pipi - she's trying to get down to run and dance.

A stroll with Daddy

Steve and Finley check out the muscle cars parked on Market Street.

A band playing a little Johnny Cash.

Gavin, Fin and I dance on the street.

The kids tear up the linoleum on the "Kids Only" shag dancing area.
Where I come from a SHAG means something entirely different.
Here its a DANCE and not the horizontal kind!


Megan said...

I enjoyed reading your post. It's very interesting to hear that music street musicians. Thank you for sharing this blog post.

Pamela said...

This is cool..I like the photos, the stolen shot with the two boys who are bored already. Well, its cute to see with that little kids.

Laura said...

What a cool idea! This sounds like such a great family day full of wonderful childhood memories in the making.