Saturday, June 12, 2010


Finley is DOG OBSESSED. She gets so excited every time she sees one. She signs dog, and says; dog, puppy, woof, hahh haaaa with her tongue sticking out like she's panting and she gives dog kisses by licking your face. That is SIX words used to describe one thing. That might tell you how into the canine creatures she is.

We are cautious with her approach of dogs she doesn't know. We are trying to teach her to exercise some etiquette...we're trying .... by stopping when she sees strange dogs and asking if we can approach. She's surprisingly gentle with animals for her age and is listening for the most part. She just gets so excited whenever she sees a dog it's insane.

I bought her a book called DOG. She Loves it we read it a few times a day. It is a board book with touch and feel with soft patches of dog fur and it's interactive. By pulling the tabs a dog will shake a head, wag a tail and even lift a leg to pee. That is my favorite! I totally recommend this book!

When she is fussy in the car I tell her to look out the window and look for dogs. It quiets her. Then she shrieks "Mommmmeeeee" and barks when she sees one!

This past week we spent with our friends at the beach. They own a chihuahua. Surprisingly the chihuahua, named Darko, was not in the least bit afraid of the quick moving and stalking tactics brought on by Finley. Soon they became BFF's. Darko even came to snuggle in her lap and offer her his belly to rub!

Finley & Darko

Dog Kisses

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