Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Date Night

Last week we were at the beach with our good friends the Elston family. Tony Elston is one of Steve's BFF's. They've bickered like an old married couple since they were in kindergarten - I think. Tony's parents, who totaly rock, were also at the beach with us which is fast becoming a yearly vacation. This being our 3rd year in a row. All the men windsurf, surf and kite board, all the women hang together. Sandy called us the "wind widows" at one time!

We haven't seen one another since last spring when Finley was only 5 weeks old and here we are one year later at the beach with our toddler. Pretty crazy! Last year I kept trying to get my sh*t together to make everyone dinner but Fin was on her 5 week growth spurt and was nursing the whole week and I didn't have a clue what was up with her except that we were attached 24/7. This year Finley was playing independently, stalking the dogs and wiggling her way into every one's hearts while I got to make parts of more than one meal! Ohhhhh, what a difference a year makes!!!

Of course I was nervous about having Finley on the vacation as she is noisy and busy and well, she's a toddler with a mind of her own and when you aren't used to having kids around it can be a lot. She is a very good girl, quite entertaining and we all got a kick out of having her with us. This is our new reality and I love the discipline, noise and happiness she brings us. I say discipline as this momma in earlier days would have been staying up way later enjoying a combo of company, frosty beverages and a hot tub. I now crash early and rise to Finley kisses at dawn's first light. Actually none of us were up late! Lots of sun, beach and exercise will knock anyone out.

The Triple S was taking place in Waves at Real Kiteboarding and the opening night party was on the Saturday we were there. Tony's mom Sandy offered to babysit Finley so we could go out for dinner and then to the party at Real. We have never ever gone out at night without Fin since she was born - so this was a welcomed offer. Since Finley has been sleeping so well at night I was actually optimistic about this plan! I settled Fin, which took longer than usual, wouldn't you know it - it was like she knew we were going out! Once she was asleep I put on a little make up and Sandy loaned me some Morrocanoil to tame my ridiculous new-growth hair fro I've been sporting and off we went with an encouraging word from Sandy to have fun and not worry about our girl as she was going to be just fine!

I did check my phone more than a couple of times to make sure Sandy hadn't called...but I did not call her. I knew Fin was in the best hands. We were out from 8 pm until 11 pm...WHOOOOOT WHOOiiii! We had an awesome time! Thanks Sandy - you have know idea how good this was for us. Well, for ME.

Steve & I at the Triple S party - 1st date night out in 14 months.
No worried faces here!

Looking forward to next spring's Elston & Pare' vacation already!


Twwly said...

Hooray for date night!

Kathy said...

Thanx for sharing with us, its looking very attractive place for dated, i wish i can came here.