Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honest Scrap

I won an award...well sorta. It was given to me by LAGUNATIC a fellow Canuck who is also trapped on the bible belt. How did this happen? Anyways, it's a total honour coming from her because she is about the funniest read on the net. (Sorry Dooce she has ya beat). and she likes moi! Er, well my blog.

Honest Scrap is blogger pat on the back by a peer or quite possibly it is the "friendship cake" of the blogosphere. It ends with: send it to deserving others before your face and back break out in acne right on time for your beach vacation... noooo I'm kidding, I added that end part just to cover myself in the event of an acne outbreak on my beach vacation.

All the same I am HONOURED. I think it's a really neat way to say; Hey I like your writing and I like lurking your page and now since I am kinda nosey and kinda interested, please tell me 10 things I don't already know about you?

Here Goes:

1. These are my new favorite cashmere socks by Betsey Johnson. An exmas gift from my BFF Smelly Kelly. This NC winter required over the knee socks. Clearly I did not move far enough south.

2. Right now I am PROCRASTINATING. I should be writing for school. I am taking a course through UCLA called Memoir From The Inside Out. I'm learning to write properly about my family. Sorry in advance to my family. I've learned that writers are the custodians of memory. I will carefully and thoughtfully be taking out the trash.

3. I loathe/don't understand why people in NC do not take their shoes off when they enter the house. Not only do I find it rude, I think it's SO DISGUSTINGLY UNSANITARY.

4. I love fart jokes and have already begun teaching Fin to laugh when she let's a real ripper go. You gotta own it sister!

5. My sister has a son afflicted with Crie Du Chat, a genetic disorder. He was/is a handful. On occasion I babysit for her. She deservedly needs time off and I need her to be home when she says she will be. The later she is at arriving home the more girly I dress the boy up. Nail polish, make-up, bra, jewelry, yup, you get it. He loves it. She has to undo it!

6. I speak French. Oui, Oui.

7. I met my hubs at a wedding. I was a bride's maid, he was the best man. The couple who married are now divorced. I wonder if it is because Steve gave them a knife as a wedding present with out the superstitious penny? A common belief is that if a knife is given as a gift, the relationship will be severed...

8. I like to tell people I'm younger than my sister just to tick her off.

9. I have appeared on two billboards. Both images were written about controversially in the news paper.

10. I will be replacing Leno.

And now to pay it forward. I present the HONEST SCRAP (in no particular order) to:

  • A fellow NC transplant who has yet to go to an NC beach? WTF? I won't hold it against her - she totally cracks me up!
  • The lady who manages to do more in a day than anyone I know and who incidentally is working on a super cool project. If only I could bottle her energy and tap into her creativity I'd have an empire greater than Martha Stewart.
  • A girl who really gets what it means to do what you love and love what you do. Her creativity, skill and wit have taken her miles. Incidentally she has worked like a magician to render my acne invisible.
  • To my first momma blogging bud. We spawned our daughters and our blogs about the same time. She's an F-bomb swilling Texan who wears her heart on her sleeve. She gets the award for pretty much saying it like it is. She has balls. I admire that.
  • I'm giving a Scrap to this momma cuz she knows everything music, is part of the YummyMummyClub, is a great writer and continues to crack me up on Facebook with her status updates.
  • This is my new fave read. She's a very talented writer who is about to join the ranks of motherhood! Eeeeek! Welcome! She also loves Andy Samberg, lives all romantic like in Turkey and well ..... go find out about her for yourself she's adorable.

And this is where I end ...


Passions and Musings said...

I am honoured. I promise I will always take my shoes off when entering a house. Especially yours. Hell hath no fury....

Love this pay it forward stealing this idea.

Lauren said...

Aw thank you lovey!! And those socks? HOTNESS!

lucky said...

thanks Shipper! no shoes in your house remind me of Mark dancing and falling down when we had Feaster at your place.

jen512 said...

Wow, where do I begin? Thank you so much for the shout-out! I am so flattered!

Those are some sexy socks, I dig 'em. Also I'm with you on the shoes thing. I never used to back in Texas in our own house, but now that we live in a big filthy city, shoes OFF! Most people here also keep a collection of slippers for their guests to wear when they come over, which I think is funny, but also very thoughtful.

Erin said...

Thank you friend! I too insist on the removal of shoes (I even have a basket for shoes next to the front door), laugh uproariously at toots, and parle francais!

Erin said...

Also, I want to know more about these billboards.

lagunatic said...

I wanna know about the billboards too :D

Sharon said...

I hate to admit, I'm a bit behind on your posts but loving the catch-up - it's like a full shot of Shipley in one-go.....expresso like, I'm wired now. Congrats on your award - totally deserve it, your writing inspires me to try my hand too!

And I can't wait to see baby Fin walk in person - so excited! (seven days......don't pick up the phone now)