Monday, January 25, 2010

Finley Mae - The 9th Month

Finley turned 9 months old on the 10th of January.

We just saw the pediatrician. Finely is now 28 1/2 inches long and weighs 17 pounds. She has her two top teeth and her two bottom teeth in. She says; Mama, Dada, Ugngh for dog, diths and Dat!

Teething the left top tooth.


When I started to take her photo on the 10th of each month I didn't account for how BUSY she would be.... these photos are always taken on our bed...the bed she may take a header off now that she is so mobile. Also, she is very difficult to take a clear photo of even at a super fast shutter speed because she never stops moving!

Loving this age.
She's such a character!


Lauren said...

She's getting so big!!!

Passions and Musings said...

She's got so much face attitude in her expressions...I love I do the hair. Fierce.

jen512 said...

She is a character! Oh my gosh, just wait til she really starts talking... I can clearly tell she is super smart and expressive. Maybe she'll end up being a writer like mommy, or maybe a little actress!

I love the ponytail on top, my family calls that baby hairstyle "the whale spout". I was rocking it at her age too.