Monday, January 11, 2010


Me. I'm 37 years old today. I got to do 25 minutes of power yoga ALONE and take and shower ALONE, not rushing either and then arrive downstairs to a beautifuly cooked breakfast by my sweet hubs. Fin was in her highchair -she raised her arms up overhead and squeeled a greeting to me then tried to share her scrambled eggs with me. How's that for a birthday morning!?

The best part about this birthday is that it's my first one as a MOM. From here in it's all home made cards, macaroni necklaces and gifts of tacky shirts, I'm gonna have to wear, because Fin gave it to me. I can think of NO BETTER GIFT!

My friend John said:

You have reached your age maximum... from now on, this will be your age forever... happy birthday!

I think 37 is a perfect age to reside the rest of my life in don't you?


Chula said...

Definitely!!! Happy Birthday =)

lagunatic said...

Yup - this is where I'm staying.
Have a great day. Eat CAKE!!

Twwly said...

Happy Birthday Shipley!

Erin said...

Yes. Perfectly seasoned, but not overdone.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday my friend. i'm glad it was lovely!