Thursday, October 8, 2009

So What Is There To Do in Winnipeg?

On a glorious day in late September we went to AMaze in Corn.

I have to start this post by stating a "SHIPLEY'S Believe It Or Not" FACT. All 4 kids FELL ASLEEP in their car seats in the van on the way to Amaze in Corn. SERIOUSLY! Jen said no one will believe us - we should have taken a video. It was the ONLY silent ride we had inside a week of outings in the van!

Amaze in Corn was really great. The kids had plenty of space to run around. Nothing was off limits, there were plenty of bathrooms and hand washing stations and the stroller moved about with ease over the paths. We didn't actually go through the corn maze as a weather shift had us hiding out in the mini van eating lunch and thawing out. However, before the rain we did manage to take in a hay ride and the kids enjoyed the petting farm. Kaylee, 3 years old, climbed right into a pen filled with kittens and was in her happy place. Bastian, at two, was all about running around climbing hay stacks, kicking up gravel and both kids were in and out of pens feeding alfalfa to the goats and horses, bunnies, sheep, and ducks. Bastian even had a conversation with a turkey!

One look at this sky had us referencing the Wizard of Oz.
The wind kicked up and I was certain I might have to click my heels to get home!

We took in a hay ride before the sky turned black!

My sister in law Jen & I & the 4 kids. Fin is just off camera. Woops!

I ventured out for a walk most days I was in Winnipeg. It was crisp and cool. Finley got to wear socks and shoes a hat and mittens for the first time. We wandered over to Indigo and found we were right on time for the DAILY story time in the kids books section. We enjoyed the FREE (ha-ha not so much. I bought two books; The Paper Bag Princess and Olivia while there) half-hour of entertainment. I liked listening to the stories and Finley liked watching all the little kids. I picked up a Starbucks to keep me warm on our walk home while Finley slept all snug as a bug in the Ergo carrier.

Finley 5.5 months entertaining her baby cousin Zoey 3.5 months.

We also visited the Humane Society to look at the cat apartments and all the dogs. It was an awesome brand new facility that seems to have been built to accommodate just about everything and everyone! There was a birthday party going on in one of the rooms, a cafe, and a little gift store benefiting the humane society. Kaylee left there with a tube of plastic cats to share with her brother. This little excursion was free but a donation would be recommended!

Everyone was asking me; "What is there to do in Winnipeg?" A lot actually! These are just a few of the things we did as a family. We have also gone to the Winnipeg Zoo and had a blast and the local craft fairs are fun - although not somewhere you would want to take the kids! There are plenty of options you just have to plan ahead and dress accordingly!

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