Friday, October 23, 2009

Is Finley the "NEW" Madison?

Baby Girl Named:

Finley Rae

For Daniel Baldwin and Wife.

This article explains that the name FINLEY just might be the "Hot Up and Coming name of this year."

Woe is me.


Steve and I tossed names around for eight months before we settled on Finley Mae. We always liked the name Fin/Finn and truthfully it was the only name we both liked equally. Finn was appropriate for a boy or a girl and it was not a COMMON name. Mae is Steve's Grandma's name. You can imagine our surprise to find the Baldwin's named their child almost identically to our child. I mentioned this to Steve and he asked me if we had chosen a name soon to become "THE NEW MADISON." "I hope not!" was my reply. I bet the first set of parents to name their child Madison were excited to find a unique name not even making the top 1000 names in the baby name books and polls. I wonder how they feel now that every third child is named Madison? I hope we won't have to know the answer.


Erin said...

I thought we were good with Ethan Lucas, only to have my grandmother tell me there was a tv show featuring brothers named Ethan and Lucas. Ha.

Twwly said...

When my mom named me Ashley, it was considered a boys name. Then some soap opera starlet got hot and there was a boom of Ashley's.

My mom said they seriously considered changing my name and have told me if the "spike" in popularity had occurred closer to my birth (most other Ashleys are around 2 years or more younger) they would have changed it. They thought I was too old to change it.

That said - I really don't care about my name. Names are such a funny thing, I mean they're really totally arbitrary. It's everything and nothing.

We picked common family names, but our kids just as easily could have been Acorn Storybook Madsysyson. If the bearer has serious issue with their name, if it means that much to them, they'll change it.

As I can see it, you've done your bit, how she wears it is up to her.

Heidi said...

I have never heard this name, it's really lovely. I have only met one other girl with the same name as my daughter. She's 11 now and while she wishes for a more common version of her name, I think she will appreciate it later.