Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting The House Ship-Shape B4 Baby P Arrives

House Hold To Do List:  Completed Items in Red

  1. Repair leather couch cushion (NEVER EVER BUY IKEA LEATHER)
  2. New glass for coffee table & curio
  3. Stain coffee table
  4. Ground Floor Master Bath - remove ugly paper add fresh paint (Thank You nephew Aaron for going to town on partial wall paper removal...very helpful!)
  5. Move File boxes of year's past tax papers to attic (Hold for 5 or 8 years?)
  6. Take stuff to Good-Will
  7. Grout upper bath -again! (I think I brushed too vigorously in some spots dad...)
  8. Mortar brick foundation
  9. Move suit cases to ground floor closet
  10. Buy shoe rack
  11. Wash kitchen windows
  12. Fix ice maker in fridge
  13. Paint & distress mirror put in dining room
  14. Replant flower boxes (Impatients died in frost last week)
  15. Repair the living & guest room's electrical (Look out wire chewing squirrels Mr. P is coming to get you pellet gun in hand.)
  16. Move area rug from dining room to living room

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