Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby P's Christmas in the Womb = Spoiled Rotten Already

Steve mentioned to me that his friend at work who is 18 weeks pregnant had bought and wrapped a whole pile of gifts to put under her tree for her baby. I didn't think to buy any Christmas gifts for our baby. I mean I looked at all the cute Christmas outfits for little ones while I was out shoppig but I didn't buy. Was I supposed to? I always think of next year as Baby P's first Christmas - when we will have a little 8 month old crawling around looking all adorable whilst trying to eat the tree ornaments.

We are 25 weeks along and we didn't buy any Chirstmas gifts for Baby P! Unless you want to count 12 pair of FuzziBunz and 12 pair of Bum Genius diapers - butt - those are necessities as we get ready to welcome the baby - not presents.

Thankfully, Aunties Dee, Sue, Smelly Locks, Renee and Grandma Linda were more thoughtful toward our little Baby P.

Check out the loot below!

Clothes and toys!

Books - Which have all been read to Baby P already - as Baby P can hear now.

Auntie Smelly Locks nearly missed her plane out of Tampa for this custom made gift!

Two of MY most hilarious and unusual gifts:

Temporary Tattoos - for when I feel like having a belly rub!
Thanks Smelly Betch XX

A Fancy Tampon Case, it says: PMS is the only time of the month I can be MYSELF!

Thanks Seester XX


Duck Yoga Retreats said...

oh my--- baby parr is going to be soooooo loved! i like the baby bump. you gorgeous mama!

Smelly Kelly said...

Shopping for the BABY P is so much fun!!

Love Auntie Smelly Locks xoxoxo