Friday, May 10, 2013

A Food Author is Born

It seems my distractions have been many lately and I've had little time to sit and update on all the comings and goings - the BIG NEWS is this:

I'm currently writing for a new FOOD JOURNAL called HOT PINK APRON  as a regular contributor and this month of May marks my second article published to the site.  I'm having a blast and really am enjoying the new interaction of hobnobbing with like minded foodies out there.

My desire to eat clean combined with my bazillion digestive issues, a MAJOR food allergy and an intolerance to gluten have left me no choice but to become a ninja in the kitchen.

In this case it's paying off as I get to share my experiences in the kitchen with you here and on Hot Pink Apron.

April's Article:  You Can't Name it THAT! Chocolate Cake

May's Article:  A Post for the Histamine Challenged and the Picky Eater

Enjoy & drop me a line with some feedback if you are so inclined!

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