Sunday, May 15, 2011

Expanding Waistlines

I'm so inspired by photographing food lately! I didn't know it could be so much fun. Polly's Perfections is now open on the Main Street in Washington NC - I've been photographing the truffles so Lori, my friend and the owner of Polly's Perfections, can have a catalogue of treats on hand. She has also blown up some of the photos to hang in the store window and walls.

Super cool - I've never been a commercial photographer before. I've done production stills and entered photography competitions at local galleries. This is just a new and very inspiring medium...and the samples are not too hard to take either!

Confucius Say; "Eat truffles"

Tiffany Blue
Mom's Silver
Bubble Wrap

If only Snow White had bitten into this gold leaf APPLE.


lucky said...

YUM!!!!!!! your photos make them look even more delish!!!

Carla said...

Nice work Ships!!