Friday, November 7, 2008


I am absolutely a few days late in reporting this - but - I felt the baby move! I have been waiting, wishing, asking little baby to give me a sign and then baby responded!

While I join the whole world in a shared history of the final day of the USA Presidential Election November 4th, 2008, marking the day Mr. Obama a Democrat, and the first black president of the United States, was elected into office. I will say forever that feeling you flutter in the base of my belly Baby P, for the very first time, was more remarkable.

So cool and already so much love.


Smelly Kelly said...

That is so cool!

I am in Florida with Peg & Mike and wrote this little rhyme for you!

Once upon a time in a nursery rhyme there were two "PARE"s -- Cha cha cha
One was the Papa "PARE", one was the Mama "PARE", and then along came the Baby "PARE" --YA! Cha, cha
One day they went a walkin' in the cool breeze a talkin' and along came a girl,
A girl with long straight golden hair.

Her name was Antie Smellylocks and on the door she ... Read Moreknocks
But no one was there--no one was there.
She walked right in and had herself a ball
'Cause she didn't care, she didn't care.

Home, home, home came the three "PARE"s.
Someone's been eating my porridge, said the Papa "PARE".
Someone's been eating my porridge, said the Mama "PARE".
Hey Papa re pare, said the little wee pare
Someone has broken my chair ---Crash Cha cha cha

Smellylocks she woke up and broke up the party and she beat it out of there.
Bye bye said the Papa PARE, bye bye said the Mama PARE, bye bye said the Baby PARE!
And that is the story of the three "PARE"s
(Jazzy) Ba ba ba ba. . . . .Bye, bye!

Ship Wreck Shipley said...

That song reminds me of Anne-Marie Nedderpel's brthday party sleepover when we sang it all night when we were in 4th grade!