Friday, November 21, 2008

20 weeks = Half Way

Today we celebrate our half way point to baby's arrival.  It's really gone by quickly.  I can't believe it's me saying this after thinking that week 8-14 were the longest hangover crossed with motion sickness I have ever felt. That part was so tough yet seems so far away. It's been completely replaced with excitement and curiosity over what is to come.


Ash said...

Oh, your excitement is contagious.

It's all so flipping awesome. Birth, baby, the works.

I miss it all so much already. The little flutters, the jabs... and birth. Man, I would totally love to give birth again.


duckyoga said...

i guess i was finding out i was preggers around week 20, week 22. I know you're curious and excited and i'm right there with you hot mama! so happy for you and steve and love this blog!